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Norwegian Traditions

Hello one and all!
I know it's been way too long but there's life for you.  It has been a roller coaster around here and not a good one.  Well I guess it's all perspective anyway.  With that said I'll try and catch up on this I think are important. 
Our little Sparky had a very good birthday.  He turned 5 this year and it's a year of big things for him.  He received money and an awesome sweater from the "Greats" (which he loves!  We were at a restaurant and he asked the waitress if she liked his, he got a Batman utility belt...very important in fighting evil!  A dinosaur rubber stamp set, he is more than tickled to use. He received a movie that features his dog Mighty in it (not really but we aren't telling him that!)  We were able to swing getting him a big poster in a frame...of the Batman sign. On top of that he had a cool birthday cake, a purple minion from the movie Despicable Me 2.  I'll have to post about the cake!
Next I believe is Thanksgiving.  It was pleasant enough...we went to the was bearable with certain people there, but I was glad to go home too.  And just as an a matter of tact and etiquette...when you know someone else is bring...say pumpkin pie...DO NOT bring a dessert (especially if asked to bring a side dish) and if you choose to ignore that,  please have the decency to not bring pumpkin cheese cake!!! NOT OKAY!  Then to add insult to not start dishing out dessert that isn't yours and do not top my dessert with your homemade whip cream.  Seriously...just don't! 
On that note...more stuff in between but it's stuff I just can't post about at this moment.  But what I will say is in the future or to present day people to where this applies.  Do NOT show favoritism to just one grandchild/niece/nephew/etc....and do not show favoritism between your children.  I will also not make the choice to not invite your child/family member to a family get's gut wrenching to be on the other side and not get invited or find out after the fact that you were purposely not invited.  Nothing will make this ok...but God will help me forgive and move on.
On that note...brings us to a much happier post I hope.  Last year a few of us learned how to make Lefsa.  It's a traditional Norwegian treat.  It's made from potatoes and then you spread it with butter and sprinkle sugar on it.  Really not good for you but most things that aren't are really just so good.  And these are the best fresh off the pan.  Well, after our crash course in Lefsa making we took some home and chowed down.  For Christmas last year the "Greats" gave all of us a Lefsa making skillet.  Fast forward to this year and I wanted to make some for my family.  I called a cousin and asked if she could give me another crash course and for company :)  So away we make Lefsa and they were delightful.  Turns out I'm not half bad! Yeah me! 
Frank and I would like to make some more and try and get the boys involved in making it.  Family tradition/heritage.  No rules that you can't have Lefsa just at Thanksgiving and Christmas time right? 
This is what Lefsa looks like...this isn't mine though.  It's basically a potaote latke/pancake and then add butter and sugar. Yum-O!

Now...this little beauty...well it's horrific in smell and taste...says the young lady with no Norwegian background.  I have no idea if this is a delicacy, what I do know is that anyone coming into the Paulson family is now getting in scott free!  When I married into the family I had to try it (because we are polite right? We don't hurt people's feelings about the food that was prepared for us...right?)  This food, in the last 13 years has become scarce.  The older generation loves this...well how about Grandpa Great likes it.  I'd like you to know I did try a bite and it was recommended to me by my said husband with a smirk on his face...drown it in mustard.  So I did...mustard in no way can mask that taste, and I have no idea if there is anything that can.  I'm sad it's not around hardly anymore (not that I'd eat any...but I'd like my boys to have an opportunity to try it...who knows they might like it), and it's an ending of a tradition to modern day.  I love tradition and knowing family background.  I don't know much about mine but the Paulson's know their genealogy and we are blessed with enough of the "Greats" to still hear stories and hear Norwegian spoken and continue and instill tradition/stories/heritage to my generation and our kids.

This is Lutefisk- dried cod: a Scandinavian dish of dried cod, preserved in potash lye, then skinned, boned, and boiled.
Next what we have is a light and delicate cookie called Krumkaka...yes it sounds just like it looks.  I swear for years I was hearing this wrong...who adds "kaka" to the end of their treats? Today I borrowed Grandma Great's electric Krumkaka iron in an attempt to make a batch for a party tomorrow.  We are doing a cookie exchange...these are really good with whip cream inside of them...I've heard of people putting berries in them too...this I must try!
Krumkaka pretty much taste and smells like waffle cones...just light, crunch and delightful!

I pretty much had to beat my family off the Lefsa and the Krumkaka...especially today.  Frank was as bad as the boys were about the Krumkaka...can you hand me one of those? Can I have another one?  I finally had to say this is the last one to Frank...these are for my Christmas party tomorrow mister!  I had to profusely promise to each and every one that I would make another batch as long as the "Greats" don't need their Krumkaka iron back.  As for the Lefsa...thankfully I can freeze those and have a bag stashed away for whenever. 

So there is your crash course in Norwegian food...well really the extent of what I know anyway, and as you can see it isn't much. 

What are traditional foods are eaten in your house either all the time or around the holidays?


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