Thursday, June 27, 2013

Memorial Memories

Alright Ms. Lange, here is your new update!
These pictures are from our camping trip Memorial Weekend. This was one of the  nicer days we had all weekend.  Apparently, we have a damn close by (anyone else having the lines from that Chevy Chase movie go through their head?).  We are at Lake Alder which isn't terribly far from where our home is.  So our drive time for this years trip was about an hour less.  My vote for next year is to go over the mountain.  For a lot of reasons this was not my fave trip and I'd rather just not come/go back.  I'm good if I never see this place again.
Here are the boys that I had with me, we were waiting for the rest of the families to get there. 

With the Grandparents here.  This picture is an accurate portrait of all of us...pretty funny really at that moment.  Some days not so funny.
This was our palace, and what a palace of 1 room and many sleeping bags and dirty socks it was!  I won't knock it too much, my FIL did awesome helping me and we really did stay much dryer than I anticipated.  However, I am not a blue-tarp camping camper.  It was insanely cold at nights and with the rain and wetness it just added to, well the un-fun.  And people when I'm cold...well I'm cold and I'm cranky and unhappy, DUH!
 Here are Grandpa Lee and Lee cooking breakfast for everyone.  Grandpa Lee is making jam filled Dutch pancakes (please don't ask me to spell OR say the word for that out loud).  They were delish and Lee was cooking eggs for Grandpa.  Again what this shows is people have more patience with my children in a kitchen/cooking setting than I do.  WHAT is wrong with me!?!
 I asked them to look up, the looks crack me up.  Do either one of them look awake and they both have the same puffy eye...related???

We are out on the dock now, fishing.  Well not really fishing as untangling lines and hollering at kids to knock it off.  Constantly casting and reeling and not really fishing...although I'm told this is what fishing looks like.  I'm not a fisher I think...would drive me crazy.  And I might add too that fishing is not for me and if I see another tangled line it will be too soon.  This is why there are dads around (now I know moms out there really rock this area, its just not me), again another place Frank has the patience I wish I had . 
Eli (gotta love the Kool-Aid lips)
 Waiting for dad to bait the lines for them.
 This was Mighty's first time camping and he did really, really well! Which I'm very happy about because I had my doubts.  But he was with Charlie 99% of the time and hardly barked...well no more than any of the other dogs out there.  I did pull out my squirt bottle and he was not impressed with me.  Kept looking at me like "what did I do!?! I'm just cute and you go and do that??"  He really just liked going everywhere but he was so embarrassing to take anywhere.  The dog sounds like he has doggie asthma or Darth Vader with some serious allergy issues or something!  But darn it he's CUTE!!! (and he's mine no matter what Eli will tell you!!!)
 Eli getting some help from dad.
 And Dru...this kid was going to send me to an early grave while fishing!  He was the one that would cast his line and then immediately reel it up and cast again...and again...and again...THEN have the audacity to say to his dad, why hasn't he caught any fish???  Really son?? Really?  Oi!

All in all the kids had fun and loved it there...all in all I'd rather not go there and spend my time somewhere else.  It did get better when my husband got there but it just wasn't really fun and didn't trip my trigger.  But I'm glad we all branched out and tried a new place because it's always fun to try new, let's just not commit to this place for the next 5-10 years...please!

Friday, June 21, 2013



              Pretty sure this guy is a close relative of ROUS's...might as well be or one big rat!!





I have been trying for years to get an awesome shot of a bee pollenating a flower or just gathering stuff to make me some honey!
So far these 2 are the best I've gotten.  I think it's so cool seeing the buds of what this bee has gathered on it's legs. 
What  a busy bee !
(honestly you knew that was coming right?)

Story Shots


This story of shots of the tiger at the zoo just cracked me up! Especially the one where he has his sights on someone (a tasty treat) and the last one where it looks like he took some God awful medicine.  Just like a kid...even in nature!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Father's Day


Happy Father's Day Frank! I love you!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Off Track

Well alrighty...I have seriously fallen off track with this blogging thing.  I know...I know, what can I say life happens right?

It's not that I don't have anything to blog about, but it's like my friend says, we have about a million of them all up in our head, we just haven't penned them yet.  I am hoping for some time to upload some pictures of all the things we have been doing since even before school got out for the summer.  Better yet I don't think I've blogged about camping Memorial weekend...there were a few good things about that. There have been WAY better camping trips than that weekend that's for sure but a few moments stuck out in my head.

School has been out for a little over a week now and I'm happy to report that all children and husband are alive and breathing.....



.....for now that is!  If the oldest child does not get his act together I am not responsible!  He was promoted or whatever you call it at your school from 5th to 6th grade and I am horribly afraid for this year coming up.  I am praying that he does some serious maturing over the summer or this will be one of the most miserable years on record school wise.  I know there is only so much preparing you can do until he experiences it...but man oh man!  I am 'sore' afraid, really!

I'm a little taken aback at how school has only been on for a little over a week and I am already feeling like my summer is the heck did that happen?? And yet I can look at my calendar and see plenty of free days.  I have a plan...I am going to spend a day, or two if I'm feeling crazy, where I'm going to just READ A BOOK! The kicker will be however that I will NOT feel guilty about it.  Not one iota! 

Lee has an ENT appointment this Friday...I'm wondering if we'll be going in for his 6th set of tubes this summer.  Not sure what I feel about that...I guess I want him to hear the best he can...even if that means another one. The thing is they don't get easier the older they get, they can remember the last time they did this.  No fooling those kids anymore, you know?  I am really proud of him this year though, the last half of the year he really did great in school, grade wise.  He really pulled a lot of grades (or numbers in our school...why don't they use letters in report cards anymore???) up over the last part of the year.  It seems with that kid we always hit a rough patch and we barely make it to the's like we skid to halt just barely touching the finish line with him.  But this year was slightly different at the end...his report card reflected that.  I hope he does well next year...I have my reservations about his teacher but I've talked to the school and everyone is aware of what my concerns are...Sigh.

Well those are just a few things going on.  I hope to set aside a day also to catch up on blogging so you all can stalk me...cause I know you do!

Talk or post soon everyone!!