Monday, October 15, 2012

Cute Lil' Punkins

Today was the Kindergarten field trip to the pumpkin patch!  Woot! Woot!
Truly a red letter day here...why you ask? Well, it's the first one for Dru as a Kinder!  They road the bus and everything!  Of course we love the patch we went to also, that always helps!
Eli and I met Dru and his classmates at the patch and we went around with his class and discovered and experienced things together...and with a whole bunch of rowdy Kinders...LOUD! We had so much fun petting the farm animals, going down slides and figuring out mazes.  Of course there was the corn pit (and this year we managed to only bring a quarter of the pit home and not all of it...progress people!). 
We do of course know the highlight of the day of course is taking the tractor ride to the place where the pumpkins are!  We have arrived!!
Dru picked out his right away and he did good! Nice and round with a great stem!
Tag a long here picked one out too...he took a little more time browsing and finally came upon this one. A good choice I think.

 Dru was such a wonderful big brother on his field trip with his class.  I love seeing glimmers of this when I least expect me such hope that when they are older they all will have a relationship with each other...I hope for ones better than what I have.  Dru made sure that Eli wasn't left out on any fun things and made sure he got a turn on rides and treats.  Good job Dru! 
 When it was time for Dru to leave and go back to school, Sparky here wasn't ready to go and so we stuck around for a bit.  We really did luck out on weather earlier today because it got ugly later on.  Eli spent a lot of time on this horse and what you can't see is the cow (fake) that he is trying really hard to rope.  He eventually did get it and then could have spent forever mastering it...I had to be the bad guy and make him leave. 
We had a good day and I'm glad I was able to go on this field trip and be there for Dru on his first one, although I think he would have done fine.  They were so busy he wouldn't have noticed if we weren't there...I don't think.


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