Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Boys!!!

Hello everyone!!!

It's been so long I know!!  Updates are needed in a BAD way. It so happens that today I'm at the Great's house using their computer :)  Love those guys!  While using their computer I thought I would take the extra minute and put up a little something of what's been going on.  However this picture is a few months old but this is the first professional picture that I've liked of the boys that we've had in a long while...I think Dru was an itty bitty the last time.  Poor Eli...what is it with like the last kids where everything falls to the wayside with things like that for them??  Guess I've just given them something to talk about in therapy right??  My job is done!

No new computer for me in the future that I can see :(  It's about killing me!  Seriously I have had to find new ways to de-stress...and writing or blogging is/was my way!  Sigh...and I have months worth of things to blog about and it's just so outdated you know!  Ugh..and the drama that seems to find me when I don't want it to...man that's insane!  Save all that for another, far away blog post.  For now please enjoy this picture of my boys...handsome fellas!  Frank and I didn't do too bad if I might say so and take ALL the credit!  It does all come from me you know ;)

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year!  I will be at home with my family this year working on my holiday spirit...that's my goal this year...less Bah Humb'ing!  I've got a tough road ahead!

Take care everyone!

Gobble! Gobble!

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