Sunday, November 18, 2012


I know it's January 2013 as I'm writing this but I want to catch up...and this day is important...right up there with my birthday ;). 
Today at 2pm Frank and I will have been married for 12 years.  It's amazing to me what 12 years, 4 kids and married life will do to your looks! guys understand right?  How did everyone get to look SO much older!?!  Seriously...that part has blown me away...we all look so much older and grey...darn kids and husband! ;)
Right now, at this moment my wonderful husband is snoring his little heart away...and by snoring I do mean a chainsaw is going off right next to me!  Not to mention Mighty on the other side of me snoring just as loudly as Frank...they leave me no choice sometimes!
I knew going into this that marriage was going to be work...a LOT of work...I've watched a few marriages being worked at and was told a lot that marriage takes constant work.  Not that I didn't think it was true, but man, when you say your vows and you really stick to's down right every which way.  Now, you all may seem to be wondering where this thought is going and to be honest I don't really know...for now it's ramblings of thoughts that have been swirling around in my one said it had to make sense!
I love my husband and we have had some really great times and some really rough times already and I only expect more...many more (what do you expect when you have 4 kids and you are just like every other married couple and dance the tango on things like money, raising your kids, etc???) on the journey ahead.
So 12 years it is that we've been married and I've grown a lot and starting to learn more and more about myself and I hope to learn more and be more and work harder.
Happy Anniversary


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