Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hey!?!?! Over here! I'm going through all my pictures I've finally been able to upload and while I'm going through them I am reminded of the blog posts I wanted to write about.  Then of course while I'm deleting and fixing I find random pictures like these.
These ones just crack me up.  Like this fella for example.  He totally looks like he's trying to get your doing some weird pose.
He's saying Look at me!! Such a handsome fellow as myself you can't miss me!  Take MY picture!

Kid you not this is exactly the next frame of a photo burst I did...he's still posing trying to get his picture taken!
Hey! Hey!?! Over here!!
He's even eyeballing in the right direction to make sure his picture has been taken!
I'm sure these won't be the last of the random, goofy animal pictures, definitely the firsts though.  Even animals have 'those' animals they'd all like to even transcends humans. Concerned???

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