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Special and Spoiled

35...half way to 40... on a prayer..We're half way thereLivin' on a prayerTake my hand and we'll make it, I swearLivin' on a prayer...
Do you have that song stuck in your head now? I might but I'll never say!
Today was my birthday and it was a good day! Frank and the boys did a really good job of spoiling and making me feel special.  I slept in until 10 and I wasn't even sick! That alone is a red letter day...really! Then I got up and just lounged around for an hour and then we decided to go head out to run some errands and maybe go out to eat (kids were dying to go!).  So out we go...we got a new wall clock for the wall in our kitchen.  After 6 years in our house we are ready to redecorate...not sure what that means exactly about us.  We found a great one that we really like and then Frank had a birthday gift he wanted to put all together.
He went through my pictures and chose a few pictures he liked and thought I would like and printed them off and picked some frames for them while we were out running about.  I think he picked out some really good pictures!
This is our kitchen wall with our new clock and the pictures Frank printed, framed, and hung up for me.

This was when we spent days here with Hoar Frost...yes you read that right...I learned a new word and pretty darn proud of it.  Yes I have to spell it for people because they think I'm saying Whore ...wrong whore people! This picture is from the back yard...the tree looked like it was a flocked tree.

Here is another one I took at Crescent Bar.  We haven't decided whether we'll leave the picture as is with the white border or take the border off. 
 This one is pretty high up on a different wall...I have a vision for this wall and I'm pretty excited about it. I want to add 3 more framed pictures of flowers to this wall.  This is a picture I took of a Forget Me Not Flower...not too shabby I might add.

 I took pictures before we had pie. Here is Dru! He and Eli were so excited about the pie they picked out for me.  This has been a rough year for him...OR could be a rough year for us both...constantly butting heads with him over everything...and he CRIES over everything! Ugh! Today was nice with him though...he was a dull roar today.
 Ian...kid has a smile a mile wide and a can explode over child labor issues at home.  He's's not working out well for him.  So sad....NOT! Anyway, what I loved best today was that when I got up today we were sitting on the couch and he reached for my hand and we held hands while sitting next to eachother for a really long time! He's almost 11...those things are not going to happen often or ever again.  I could have sobbed! His way of reaching out maybe?  I don't know but between me and you guys I'm taking it and not saying one itty bitty word to him and holding on to that moment and cherishing it and using it when I need it most with him!
 Then this challenging personality...that or he's 9...take your pick but if I'm honest it's his personality and lack of volume control...OK basic control of everything.  When I came out and sat on the couch he came and snuggled up with me and rested his head on my snuggling with him and at the same time holding Ian's hand was amazing!  I had to ask Frank if he talked to the boys cause these actions were so far from how they act I wasn't sure what was going on.  But by all accounts from Frank he hadn't talked to them...they were choosing to do this with me.  Can you believe that!?! An almost 11 year old and a 9 year old...I can't forget moments like these because it's only gonna get harder with them...but maybe in some ways it will get easier??? Look...Lee even smiled for me...we are making progress there...if I ask nicely sometimes he will other times I have had to learn to let it go and not fight it with's just not worth it. 
Look at my Eli!  He's a handsome boy and he SO wanted to get a cake and was finally talked into pie and desperately wanted to help daddy and was very excited to surprise me with the flavors and wanted to show it off.  Love him and so sad he's 4...I'd like another baby now....OK well maybe not but I certainly wouldn't turn my nose at one.  It's just not right is all I'm trying to say...he'll be at preschool this's going super fast! Why is it going super fast with the last one!?!
Ah...self portrait with braces...haven't quite figured out how to smile with mouth is always dry and I'm constantly being weird with's only been almost a month...I'll get this. Lee is the photographer on this one...not too bad my boy!
Ahhh...the coup De Gra...does that even look spelled right? Just know what I'm saying people!  These are the pie pictures!  Yes they do look that good and they tasted yummier! OK, so the one on the left is Toll House cookie pie (you have to share this slice with someone it's SO rich) and the right one is apple...way better than my apple pie.  I did notice they sprinkled cinnamon sugar on the top of the pie crust. Something I will be doing on my next pie it tasted good!
This one is either or both, Reece's Butterfinger peanut butter pie...tasted like I was eating a Reece's Peanut butter cup...yum!
This one is Jumbleberry...or they think something like that.  It had huge chunks of blueberry, blackberry and it was really good! I liked them all but I like the Jumbleberry and Toll House best but would share a slice of any with someone anytime!
My boys with me...I am trying to be really aware of making sure there are pictures of me...not just me taking all the pictures. Even if it means me handing the camera to one of the boys and getting a blurry or clear picture...or one where my head is chopped off. I just feel like it's important that there be memories of me there with them...not them with out me, that's not a good memory.
Over all I had a good birthday and really enjoyed myself today.  Thank you Frank for really going out of your way to make sure I have a good birthday this year even though birthdays are not your thing and you'd rather not acknowledge them, pushing past yourself.  Meant a lot babe!


  1. Happy Birthday to you! I am so glad you had a great day. It sounds wonderful! Good job guys!

  2. Sounds like a major red letter day! I love your precious moments with the boys. I feel like we were just pregnant at the same time yesterday...It's a good idea to make sure you are in the pictures! I just spent the night looking at over 5000 pictures and I am in maybe 10.

    1. Hugs to you Amber! I know you'll make a better effort to be in the front of the camera...even if it's a blurry picture :) Thinking of you!


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