Saturday, January 19, 2013

Look Who Is 9 !!

Well, Lee is officially 9 now for about 13 minutes!  I know where I was 9 years ago...holding my baby in my arms!  I really can't believe he's 9 already...I know I was this way with Ian but it just keeps going so fast.  Most days he and I are lucky to make it out of the house alive or that he has made it a whole other year.  This kid tests me in every which way, of every day of every grey hair I attribute most to him...suppose he can take pride in that. We all have something right?
Here are a few pictures of my 9 year how he has grown. For the record....9 has not been kind to us in this house...I don't hold out much for this year either.  I'm glad I have him and I love him to the moon and back and I just know he will do and be something great!!

Happy birthday Lee-Lee (don't tell him I wrote that! He hates that nickname...but darn it I gave birth to him I have that right!!!)

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