Wednesday, October 9, 2013

THE Infamous Hike

I know I've posted a lot of things and said a lot of things about our hike at Lake 22 in Snohomish, now I finally have the rest of the pictures to go with it. About time I know!
I loved hiking this summer, not the complaining and the, at times physically dragging of said children to the hike, up the trail, down the trail, and then trying to keep up with them as they dash for the car, but just getting out in nature and doing something for me
 I hiked as a kid but like so many things for me and my memories, things I did as a kid always seems to have  some negative feeling/memory that is attached to things.  So it takes me awhile to get around to retrying things as an adult and remember I'm the adult here!  I think that will be a lifetime of constantly telling myself I'm the adult and in charge!
So hike we did and I have plans for more hikes and adventures for next spring/summer!  The kids however, not so much.  I have found though that if they have hiking partners it goes that much easier!
Here are some of what I took up the trail, around the lake, and down the trail...I had such a wonderful time enjoying friendship, my children at times, and nature!
Eli...what can I say.  He was ticked that I would NOT carry his backpack for him...we were maybe 30 minutes into the hike.  He took his anger out on the trail and stomped a good way up it!
The group of boys...and yes I purposely dressed as many of my boys in yellow as I could...just in case.

I found a flower or wild flower that I thought was beautiful.
I hope I have this right, but this and the picture and the next one are of a mudslide that happened earlier this year.  Amazing the power of those things!

My friend's son found this guy in a puddle...pretty cool salamander.  This guy blended in really well, we almost didn't see him!
We found the lake!   The snow pack was still there, and yes if you stopped moving for any length of time it was chilly!
Closer view of the snow pack.
Low lying clouds...I really just thought it was beautiful scenery.
My friend and her dog we brought along for bear bait.               KIDDING! (sort of)
OK, just trucking along on the trail and all the sudden there was this ...random!
Just some random pictures

I forget what this is called but when it blooms all the way to the top it means summer is over...just darn cool!
Alright, I confess! I am reading the book series Outlander (Diana Galbadon), and this just seemed like part of Scotland described in the books...having only been to Scotland as a wee bairn I couldn't tell you if I was wrong or right...but it just looked like something you might find there.

My fellas...don't ask me what Ian is looking at because I don't know...we are going with they all agreed to take a picture FOR me with out fighting me.
Eli showing me just how fast he could run.  He's another Forrest Gump in the making there folks!
A few of the big boys wanted to go hike this big rock...tiny little specks almost!

They made it to the middle...such rock stars!

Have no idea what kind of flora this is but looked pretty cool.  Wonder if it already bloomed?
Eli couldn't go hike the BIG rock but wanted me to know he could hike a rock...see he hiked a rock!
More flora and fauna (is that even spelled right?)

We are half way around the Lake here, spectacular view!
Really just thought this was a cook patter on the snow when we went and hiked up to the snow pack.
A cave of sorts from the snow pack...if you've not been by one of these would not believe the wind and the cold that whips off and around these things!  Takes your breath away!  Really amazing,
I think this picture is of the lake up by the ice pack.
Regular explorers these guys!
The next 3 pictures are of a listening to the water.

My hiking buddy  as we were looking and taking pictures of the waterfall, all the while trying to keep up with boys that were trying to dash to the car!
I definitely would go on this hike again, however we are going to conquer Mt. Pilchuck sans kids next summer and I am really looking forward to that hike, finding new hikes and checking out The Grove of Patriarchs and the Ape Caves and a few more!
On that note, there are only 10 months until summer...but who's counting!?!

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