Wednesday, October 9, 2013

45 Minutes

Hello one and all!

Or maybe just one reader since I seem to have fallen off the face of the earth lately!  Who knew having a job and kids would do that!?! 

I have so many things I've wanted to write down that I haven't had time to blog!  That's just not right!

So the last day has been hysterical here...and by hysterical I really mean to say is crazy...loony bin crazy!

This all happened in the same day....that day being yesterday and I should have just checked myself into a place but that place is home...aka loony bin!

Enter Eli:

On days he doesn't go to school he's at home with me...I'm not sure how he feels about this most days, I'm sure not like he did last year.  However I enjoy it quite a  bit...he's my baby after all.   Any more time I get with him the better, the boy goes to Kindergarten next year!!! I have no idea what I'll do with myself and all that quiet!  Eli is learning to be his own playmate in some ways and I think that's great he can self a point.  He repeats a lot of stuff and is hear himself I'm sure.  I think it's too quiet for him when all the boys are gone for the day.  I wonder if he'll grow up being that person that has something on all the time or talks to fill the quiet.

So yesterday he was playing Lego's for about an hour or so while I did some laundry and worked out...then we ate lunch together.  After lunch I played Lego's with him for about half an hour and then I had to bail on him before I fell asleep at the table...I mean those things are fun to a point but I can only build so many houses or ships for so long!!!  Off I go to do my laundry after all this and enter the next 45 minutes of my life. 

While playing by himself Eli had a song stuck in his head..."I don't know what I been told...all I know is you are old" over and over and over and over...for 45 minutes in varying degrees of silly voices. Along with that there has been a running commentary on exactly everything he was doing.  Anywhere from 'A Lego fell mom, I'm picking it up, to "going to the bathroom mom"...all the while we are still singing his little ditty.  I spent a good deal of time in my bedroom trying to not laugh hysterically and cry all at the same time!  Anyone else experience days like this??? I'm so glad he was ready for preschool this year!  I'm gonna miss I know but he is really ready for what he's doing now and Kindergarten next year! 

Later that night I about died laughing because he came out in a Wolverine costume...dressed to the hilt I tell you.  Ran from his room to the living room and jumped in front of Dru and said:
"I have muscles and I know how to use them!" 
Watch out now!

Where do kids come up with this stuff you know?

I hope I gave you a chuckled tonight! 


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