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I See You Visitors

So I can see that people are seeing my posts but no one is leaving comments.  Which of course is going to lead to this question. .. who is visit in this page??? Chime in and let me know who you are!!!

Not much is going on here and yet it feels like I'm the whirlwind kind of busy. Running to and fro to  appointments and whatever else. There are less than 3 weeks left until school starts... man that went fast! OK that's really just how I feel at this moment . Ha! Most of the time I'm ready for them to be back in school on the first day of summer.

We have some birthdays coming up. .. my mother in laws, my husband and then Dru.  Tomorrow is my mother in laws and husband's birthday. I have zero idea what to buy her for her bday...I asked and she said world peace. Ummm sorry I can't make that happen because I can't even manage to get peace to happen between my boys!!! My husband doesn't enjoy birthdays which makes it hard for the rest of us birthday celebrators. Not sure quite yet what to do or get him either. ... ugh!!!

I think Nikki and I may have actually put a hike on the calendar after a month absence on the trails. I'd like to think that soon or in the very near future I'll blog about my first ever backpacking trip. But for now my pack is still in a time out in the garage.  Actually this just means I need to get my camel pack figured out and contact the company to get a new hose...the one I have leaks bad. Also means I need to also contact the company about how to decipher their pictographs on how to get my solar battery charger to actually get charged by the sun!!! Ugh! I wonder if it will feel weird just carrying a small pack hiking.  We'd been training for a good part of this year with our packs as loaded as possible ...I think it will be weird.

I have been terribly lax in going to work our and eating healthy and I'm on my own nerves now. I'm sabotaging myself and it's getting old! Summer is so hard in this respect.  We basically have zero routine like we do from September to June. And camping...camping in a lot of ways is not easily conducive to healthy eating...mostly cause its camping food and a "vacation" state of mind. So for right now I'm focusing on eating better and watching portions again. And soon hope the workout part will follow. I'm gonna need to get my routine down quick fast and in a hurry. I'm thinking next week is good to start that for a number of reasons.

OK I think I've blathered I go. I think I'm gonna catch up on a show.  Most days I have a love/hate relationship with recorded many shows and NEVER enough time or attention span to watch them all!GAH!!


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So on March 20Th at 3:42 AM, my baby turned 8 this year!!! I just can not believe this! Where has the time gone? Absolutely blows my mind!

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