Saturday, August 4, 2012

Beach Forts

When we came to the beach after dinner to watch the sunrise many families and couples were still here and I loved seeing this.  This beach was busy during the day before we all got there!  So many forts were or had been built during the day and probably during the week.  I know you can't really tell but from this view the forts went all the way down as far as I could see...pretty cool!
 And of course Charlie had his own fort he claimed for himself...FAR! FAR! Away from the water!  I wish he liked the water better but he really doesn't...I'm literally dragging and choking him to at least get his paws wet by the waves...and if a wave gets him all the way wet so much the better.  Which seems like a good idea at the time to get him used to the water so to speak...until we have to take him home and he smells like a wet dog...then not so good!
I am looking forward to going again and finding more new fun things to do with my family and to make memories with the extended family...and maybe it will be my turn to get a tattoo next time around! But more to follow on that one!

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