Saturday, August 4, 2012

Food Challenge

So camping this year at Ilwaco, Frank and I went to Long Beach, a town not too far from where we were.  A very touristy town and lots of things to do.  Of course what is a tourist stop with out a few candy shops right?  Well we decided we'd be brave and try some new and fun stuff and take it back home and share with everyone.  Like our own survival challenge!  Well it just ended up being with the kids because most of the adults were doing Lord knows what and drinking who the heck knows.  A few participated, like Grandma and Grandpa and towards the end others decided to venture out of the their campers, but the fun stuff was mostly done. 
 Here is what we bought:
Chocolate covered Jalapeno
                               An orange crème covered Twinkies and a chocolate covered Twinkies
                                             2 milk chocolate covered pieces of bacon
Not pictured are: chocolate covered larva, grasshoppers, and Bertie Bots of a few different flavors...
We had so much fun doing this!  The pepper was hot and a few liked it!  The Twinkies were the all around favorite.  Last but not least pictured is the chocolate covered bacon...Chocolate does NOT make everything better...or vice versa!  GAG!  A few liked Lee *eye rolling*.  Now on to the more fun one we did.  The Bertie Bots are like jelly beans with a million flavors...we played it Russian roulette style sorta...The flavors were out there and a few gagged on them...not naming names...Frank!  Sadly my camera died so I couldn't catch it with pictures :(  Here are a few of the flavors peopled tried: baby wipes, dog food, boogers (do we want to know?)...those are what I can remember for now but think along those lines and that's the flavorful box ;)
I would like to do this again next time...try some new things and some old! I even came across the candy cigarettes I grew up eating/pretending with!!! Haven't seen those in FOREVER! So much fun!

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