Sunday, August 5, 2012

Salmon Fishing

This year was the big year for Lee.  This year he got to go out on the boat and go fishing with his dad and uncles and grandpa!  He was so excited and SO nervous about doing it.  I'm so glad they were able to go after such a long anticipation for it and it almost didn't happen!  The weather was so bad that the boat almost didn't and the captain was sick...thankfully they still went.  Can you imagine the let down of two 8 year olds and a bunch of grown men not getting their salmon for the year?  HA! At least we were set from the salmon Frank and I had caught the year before...we don't eat our fish quickly...everyone else had the fish gone pretty much by the end of October.
Well, everyone came back in one piece and safe even though it was stormy at sea...glad it wasn't me this year...pretty sure I would have been throwing up over the side of the boat...oh wait the boys did! HA!  The funny part was they both told Frank/Uncle Frank that they couldn't tell me or Grandma...funny boys!
Frank and Lee with Lee's fish he caught.  Lee looks a bit ragged doesn't he?
 Jason and his son...they were only able to catch one fish...but it was a catch nonetheless!
 The whole stinky group of them ;)  Ted, Grandpa Lee, Frank, Lee, Jason and Austin...all tired to boot.  As a matter of fact I believe one of them took a nap and asked a Grandma to watch them so he could...and so he could drive home later that day. 
 Grandpa Lee with his catch..I think Ted had the biggest catches again this year

We aren't sure who is going in the kid group next year but Ian has high hopes it will be have to be 8 and there are no more 8 year olds that haven't gone yet so it starts back at the beginning.  I think an adult female should go but mind you that's one person's always though one of my nieces gets first right to go or refuse before any of this it stands we'll see...sleep is really important but she also informed us she wanted to go next time.  So we'll see!

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