Friday, February 8, 2013

Random Things In The Woods

While on our hike up Mt. Peak today we came across some random and perhaps silly things.  We had such a good walk today Eli and I!  He is such a trooper and several people stopped and asked how old he was and they were just so amazed that he was trooping as far as he had.  Yet again we didn't make it to the top but it is never with out a lack of trying!  We are going again tomorrow with all the boys (wish me luck!) and I am hoping to make it to the top THIS time!  Eli does really well once we get to the woods part of it, but when we are on the gravel road hiking up he just has a hard time...are we there yet?...can we go yet?...where is our car? Can we have a snack yet? Then it's like a totally different kid when we get to the woods...complete transformation!  Weird.  Anyway, on our hike these are some really random things we came across...we only participated in 1'll know when you see it.
We just thought this had the potential to look like so many things!  Some kind of duck animal running and it's head is obviously the one that looks like a duck and then it's two legs below it's jumping over something?  What do you see?
 On our hike we were walking down a trail and these little birds were everywhere and I kept trying to get a picture of them but the dogs were less than helpful...really!  While looking through my camera lenses hoping to catch a bird I saw this!  What a random object to find out in the woods hanging on the tree!  But I just though it was beautiful there all by itself.
 Batman and Robin! They had their moment of fame today too! Always keeping an eye out for evil...thankfully we were fresh out! The only evil that could be found were 2 people who had some sore feet from walking! Yowzer!
We hope to see more wonderful and random things tomorrow on our hike!


  1. I am laughing so hard! You must have boys!

  2. The star is really kind of cool but not sure I want to see manmade stuff in the middle of the woods, ya know?? I'm proud of you for going!