Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I think I mentioned somewhere that on my hikes last week I kept finding odd things in the woods...like a tree ornament hanging on a tree.  Just totally random things out there. I was talking to a girlfriend of mine and she was asking if I had found the Smurf out in the woods...I had to say no she hasn't seen the 2 things we'd found.  So who knows what's going on out there!  It's the Wood Fairies!!
Here is the figurine the kids found while hiking...I never would have found this because it wasn't at my eye level.  It was totally at eye level of kids. It didn't have anything written on it...just was there.  Weird right?
 Here is how it looks as you are coming up on it.  How the kids saw it I don't know but like I said, I think it was right at there level.  I almost wondered at some point if it was a letterbox...only cause one of my kids was wondering where the stamp was. Or if it was geocaching...but we didn't get coordinates to find it...we stumbled on it.  So I don't think it was either one of those. I think someone just planted it.
As odd and weird as I think this all is to find...it also makes it fun for me and the kids to see if we can find anything else.

Have a good day tomorrow! And may you find some random, out of place thing tomorrow!!

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