Friday, February 22, 2013


There are animals at the zoo!  Ok well human animals that is!  We went to the Pt. Defiance Zoo today, on our last day of break (Mid-Winter that is) as a last hurrah!  Today I had my nephews and we met a cousin and her kiddos there for a day filled with fun!

However, when we planned this day little did we know what the weather was going to be!  We picked like the worst day of the week to go...rainy, windy (gusts to like 50mph, power outage's in a few places)...typical Washington weather!  Oh! On top of that there was now in the forecast in our area...things could have gotten dicey! We both decided however that we would go anyway, and I am so glad we did! I think we all had so much fun. We spent a lot of time in the aquarium, in the enclosure that the tiger cubs are in (they are not little anymore...about as big as Dru!), and really enjoyed having the place pretty much to ourselves. It really wasn't all that bad weather wise until the last half hour or so we were there and then the kids had so much fun just playing in the rain.

As you can see the kids are having a good time, and why not take a picture like this right? I hope they remember this day, cousins hanging out with cousins...AND the adults got to chit chat!  We definitely need to do more of these things that's for sure! 

Today was a GREAT day! Glad we kept our week of school off busy but still fun...made me way less crazy!

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  1. I have a childhood of memories of Pt. Defiance!