Sunday, September 1, 2013

12 Months of Dru

My baby Dru turned 7 today! 
 Oh my goodness it can't be true...but it is! 
When he was born he was the most easy going kid I had ever come across, well at least in my family.  Not sure I'd consider him as easy going as he was but not everything lasts right?  It was the easiest pregnancy, best birth ever of the 4 of them, always been a chatter box even as a newborn (must always being trying to get a word in edge wise or something), really just an all around easy going kid. 
So I thought it would be fun to find a picture or 2 (there were a lot that I really liked and I couldn't decide between just 1, so I picked 2) and see how, if at all, I/we could see how much he's changed in a year.  Here we go:
September 2012
December-totally contagious smile/laugh right there
January 2013

*I see a little change but all's hard to see if he's grown taller but it's definitely the smaller things I see, especially in his face.

Happy Birthday Dru!  We love you!

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