Thursday, September 5, 2013

Crescent Bar

Alright, so I'm about a month late on this post but either way it's here and needs to be accounted for!
When at Crescent Bar this year I didn't take many pictures but these are what I have. So in a nut shell here is our visit to Crescent bar this year. 
Dru in the pool, so much confidence this year!  So fun to see them grow and get bigger and better.
 Eli, always sneaking to the hot tub and always asking to go in!  He would rather be in there than in the pool, he's always been this way since we've been coming.  Oh the stories Nikki and I could tell about this kid! Thank goodness he's slightly better than when he was 2 and we went!  Oi!
 The big boys being silly!
 Dru saying mom, look what I can do now!  He can dive !
 Lee's jump or.............CANNON BALL!!

 He can back float too!
 We went to Quincy and found their water park...we totally scored because it was free admission that day...notice the gargles...they were all incredibly upset that the rules stated no gargles (goggles) they all went to read the rules themselves because they didn't believe us or the life guards! They even asked the life guards, we know NOTHING!
 We really had fun here and I'm willing to bet we'll be back!  I'll be calling to see when their free admission day is for next year, lol!

I went with Eli down this...I tried to not drown him but I'm really not good at this stuff....we only went down a few times, after that he was done with me!
 While we were there , there was a fire in the canyon across the Columbia River.  It was fine except for one day where you could tell there was ash in the air and you could smell the smoke in the air.  Other than that if we didn't know it was there we wouldn't have know otherwise.  It got dicey for awhile waiting on them to gain control, they did finally

Eli living it up in the pool!
 Two boys entertaining themselves...thank goodness they are getting to the age where for the most part they can self entertain and play with each other!
 Eli again...saying mom take my picture!
....and there is no complete Crescent Bar adventure with a picture of some kid in their enjoy Eli and his orange gargles that he is ever so proud of!

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