Thursday, September 26, 2013

Belated Birthday Pictures

This is a really belated birthday cake post by me, but we've been busy and well just deal with it!
So, my kids have a grandma who pays for their birthday cakes....with in reason mind you...what that reason is I have yet to come across .  Anyway, they get to pick a cake out and Grandma and Grandpa pay for the cake.  I believe it is or was a tradition that is being carried out. 
So here is the birthday boy himself ON his birthday showing off the cake he picked out!
He loved it and wanted the cake as soon as he laid eyes on it!  Oreo and chocolate covered cherries on it, and a chocolate cake to boot!
Happy 7th birthday Dru! It's going to be a big year I can already have learned to ride your bike w/o training wheels, you can tie your shoes, AND you have 2 loose teeth! 

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