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Board Games

The dreaded assortment of board games ....yeah my most dreaded one is Monopoly and my big boys have discovered this game.  They weren't more than 5 minutes into it before they started fighting.  Yuk! 
I hate that game and I really hated playing with my was NEVER...and I do mean never fun to play with him.  I get the point of the game...really I do.  Man my brother would buy everything he landed on and make himself just about bankrupt doing it.  Not fun all.
For now they really like it...for now.  Not including the one who was in tears, the other one who gave all his stuff to the losing brother and walked away from the game, and the other brother who was busy gloating and being generally unbearable to be around.  It was making me twitch the whole time.
  All that to say or ask...what is your most and I do mean MOST dreaded board game or card game of all....Pinnacle (Is that how you even spell that??) is my most dreaded card game of all!  *sorry Grandpa and Grandma Great if you are reading this but it's beyond my mathematical capabilities and understanding...and then it no long is fun.  Give me Goldfish or Slap Jack any old day!

**I will say we did find a game that day we could all play...UNO something or other....different than the original UNO game but everyone could play and had fun...especially Eli and Dru...they won both games we played.


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VERY Belated Birthday

So on March 20Th at 3:42 AM, my baby turned 8 this year!!! I just can not believe this! Where has the time gone? Absolutely blows my mind!

Here is Ian...he's about 4-6 months old. I still get this look...what!?!Here is my son 8 years later! SOB! Time for birthday spankings from daddy! Quite fun!
Dru joined in the fun...they really do enjoy it when daddy holds the big brother down, easy target!
Lee really going for it...check his stance out!Even Eli got in on the fun...he didn't spank nearly as hard as the other brothers...of course he wasn't quite sure what was going on anyway...he just wanted to do it too!Ian and his birthday ice cream cake! He lives for ice cream cake! What a handsome fella!
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A good morning from Big brother Lee on Eli's birthday!  Mighty is so excited that something is going on!! Whatever it is its worth getting up for!
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 Birthday boy, Mighty and Mom...a good picture I think
 This is my favorite picture of the day!
 Birthday spankings!!  Thank goodness it is only 4 and a pinch to grow an inch!
Happy birthday Sparky!

Goose Egg is what I did for fun on Friday!  Had a blast...however I'm not sure I'll do it again.
That is my goose egg...jealous?  Yeah I knew you would be.  Want to know how to get one?  Well I'll tell you how to get one.  Help your husband load the truck up for a dump run and then get a bungee or two and help strap down said garbage.  While working on strapping things down, hold one end of the bungee while said husband works to get the other side down.  Make sure it is either hooked or it slips out of your hand, that way it can lung back at you.  THAT is how you get a goose egg like mine!  This picture was pretty much right after it happened...Frank took a picture...I thought I was bleeding profusely from my head, however that was just my head swelling.  Gorgeous!!!
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