Sunday, March 16, 2014


The Paulson's helped the home team win, we helped by decorating and do what we could. 
It's only crazy if it doesn't work, right??
*Yes I did go through 2 big bags of M&M's to pick out blue and green M&M's
 Our table
*table cloth is a flat bed kids don't use them so I kept I know why!

 Great Christmas gift!  I love this

Frank put his flag was lucky!
We had our balloons from Lee's 10th birthday...yes they lasted that long AND they are still holding up...well the football ones are anyway.  Actually one of them yesterday finally started coming down. That's some good Helium!

More uses for my flat sheets!

 Seahawk fans
Just like everyone else we bought our share of Skittles...because we need to
I made a delightful those aren't raisens, but man did it taste good.  I would make this again and many times because you can keep tweaking it with different things.

Our Power Pellets!
 My new dip bowl set I got for Christmas...some dip and candy...not to be mixed!

 Frank's dad found the 12th man beer and got his boys some and I had some Angry Orchard cidar...YUM!
 We are behind the Hawks 100%
What a day!  What a ride! What a season!
Go Seahawks!!

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