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Cloud 9

So it's been a roller coaster the last week plus some.  Big stuff happening and little annoying things going on.  Last Saturday Ian was invited to his first EVER sleep over.  The rule at our house is you have to be at least 9yrs old to sleep over at a friend's house (family doesn't count)...we also get first right at 9 to decide whether they are ready (emotionally..blah blah blah).  Anyway, Ian has made a new friend this year in his class and it was for this friends party.  It couldn't get better than a sleep over right?  WRONG!  Not only was there a sleep over, but there was pizza, junk food, and....wait for it.....they got to see a movie, Puss 'n' Boots!! I think by this time he was on about cloud 7.  It gets better folks!  Not only are they doing ALL that but they also got to stay up late (10:30pm) but they watched so many other movies, played the Wii, and played with Legos.  I want to be 9 again and be on cloud 9...really I do...seems airy and free.
This is Ian on our way to his first sleep over!

This picture of Ian took my breath away! I don't know when he got so tall and so big...this whole thing was making me verklempt and making me feel like I'm running out of time.  Out of nowhere he is giving those half-sided hugs that guys give or preteen/teenagers boys give!  When the heck did that happen!?!  It's making me a little fretful...I really am going to have to chase him down and sit on him to get my hug and kiss!  This is hard watching your kids grow up but really fun and exciting at the same time to see who they grow up to be and to see if you did a good job or not (that's a scary thought too!)

So that night, I went in to check on Lee and the other kids and this is what I found.  Ian leaves for one night and Lee moves into Ian's bed!  I guess when Frank put him to bed he climbed right up and looked at Frank waiting for him to say something...anything.  I think he was shocked that he never did. 
This was a big first for Ian and his mom, thankfully it all worked out.  Not that I didn't think it would, Ian would have died before he called me if he needed  Remember this is the same kid I dropped off at preschool (days after I had Dru) who asked when I was leaving and he was fine I could go.  He didn't need me (his words not mine)...he was going to be fine...the jury is still out on his mother though


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Dru joined in the fun...they really do enjoy it when daddy holds the big brother down, easy target!
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Screw it!

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