Friday, November 18, 2011


*How is it with 4 boys and a ton of hand me down clothes, that I can have one child who has maybe 3 full sets of pj's?  Meaning a top and a bottom?  Pj's pass down pretty easy and stay's not like they are walking on their knees on the cement outside...

*Yesterday Ian said he would have a cup of hot tea with me.  That was weird to see...a 9 year old drinking hot tea.

*Although yesterday was the first day of half-days (due to school conferences) it was the longest day...just know I tried to be the fun mom for backfired

*Hell is working on freezing over at the moment...I'll keep you posted!

*I'm trying to keep husband cooties at bay...he has a gnarly cough and it gives me the heebie jeebies(think bronchitis/pneumonia)...I love you babe! (although I don't think you read this anymore)...I sound like such a hypochondriac...I might have issues...jury is still out

*I am so excited for my children's part in the upcoming Christmas program at church but it is absolutely killing me playing Christmas music this early.  Erin...have no fear I"m letting them and working on not grinding/gritting my teeth...they are having SO much fun

*For the first time in 4 years I'm actually not dreading and dragging my feet to go to a school conference for Ian.  His report card was good, except of course his constant reading when he shouldn't be which is turn affecting him doing school work (which was marked down also).  We have no figured out how to fix this's been a problem for 3 years now...YEAH for reading but lets learn when the right time is...Ian doesn't care and we have to figure out how to make him to want to care, to figure out when the right time is.  Ugh...sometimes this kid drives me up a wall!

*Is there really only 36 shopping days left until Christmas? BA HUMBUG!!! (and yes I really don't like holidays...I'm the girl verstion of Scrooge)

*Will my baby really be turning 3 in 3 days?  This is not good!! I'm preparing myself for some changes...hard changes

*I have been married for 11 years today...WOW! I'd like to say that went fast...and I guess it sorta did but there were some years I thought the year would never end!

* I just want my dog and maybe a girl dog that's mine...kinda done with the one we are caring for...tired of kids meals getting eaten cause she's never (NOT)'s getting old. I'm not sure why Ian and this dog don't get along better than they do similar

*Ian has an attitude that has him WAY too big for his britches!  How many chances would you give your child after giving them 3 already? Would you give them 4?

*I'm making a new recipe for Thanksgiving at my parents house...OK well it's brunch but I've heard these things are yummy but the recipe is weird!

* I really hate drama and I hate feeling like I'm the only 'normal' one around and I hate divorce and dealing with it

*Because of divorce, a little bit of my children's innocence was taken this week and for that I could physically lash out...I am SO angry over this that I can't even think of anything constructive to say...I have a child who is devestated over this news...the look on his face was something I can't get out of my mind/heart

*I hate being taken advantage of (and from my point of view) because I stay at home all the time...they don't see what my calendar looks like, they don't know what I'm involved all reality they know NOTHING about 9 years I could say that honestly (same goes for me with them...) they don't know WHO I am.

*Thank goodness, I know through this all I have 5 people who love me...ok well maybe not all at the same time...

*I love my friend Nikki

* I hate cancer...Auntie thinking of you and Uncle Brownie, Shannon your mom, Shelly your mom..., anyone else I have forgotten/don't know about...we are praying you through the journey

*I still want braces

*I am going to see Breaking Dawn pt. 1 tomorrow -I have seen more movies since school started than in the last few's been fun!

*Aren't you glad you tuned into this post?  LOL-sorry these thoughts and feelings had to go somewhere

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