Monday, November 21, 2011

It's Gone...all GONE!! (and he's 3)

 You know Blogger is a pain in my you know what!  Ugh!  Well this post isn't turning out as lovely as I had in my mind so we are going to have to deal with it cause I'm not interested in starting over or fixing it.  Lazy I know.

Today Eli turned 3 and it was a BIG day for his mom...OK maybe him too.  I promised Frank awhile ago I would get Eli's hair cut by his 3rd birthday.  I knew I'd be pushing it doing that but so help me I wasn't going to let Frank take him to a barber shop and get it done.  Have we heard of tender loving care of the mother?? Honestly! 

So today was THE day...and every time I thought about it my heart started beating faster and my chest would get incredibly tight.  It made me so anxious and I didn't want it.  so a girlfriend of mine cut his hair while we were at our steering meeting for MOPS.  I had some support of mommies with me (less crying involved for me--really don't like crying).  So cut his hair she did and she did a great job and I'm thankful for her doing it.

Since things are backwards we'll tell the picture story wonky. The first picture of Eli in his coat is me just taking yet another picture of him with his new's really hard to not just stare!  The second picture is of Eli...but he TOTALLY looks like Dru in that picture.  Eli is eating his dessert of a M&M McFlurry.

Here is the gift we got Eli for his birthday, Cars 2.  We were going to take him to a movie in town, Happy Feet 2.  He always says he wants to see it but Frank wasn't feeling great and so we just bailed on that idea and bought this.  I'm really glad we didn't go to the movie because Eli didn't sit still to watch his movie Cars2!!  So glad we didn't waste money, I would have been SO frustrated.  Good call Frank :)

Happy Birthday dear Eli!  He was so excited!  The tradition in our family is you get to pick what you want to have for dinner on your birthday.  Have you ever asked a picky 3 year old what he wants for dinner?   So help me I was NOT eating another peanut butter and jelly sandwich...OK I would have but thankfully I had enough money to take everyone out to McDonald's...Thank you Lord!  Not that, that is any better but at least I could get a salad! Any guesses as to what he had for his birthday dinner?
(in this picture I think he looks like my nephew Samuel and his dad-my weird but after his cut I saw lots of people every time I looked at him)

If you guessed Fries for dinner you would be correct!  This was that child's dinner...wish I could get him to eat something the battle continues!

The big boy gets to sit up on the stool and bar...very cool!

My boys

Lee, Eli, and Dru

OK, so here we are at the haircut pictures...bear with me!

This is the before that has NEVER been cut in the hair so to speak.

Before front view...he's had his bangs blended but that's it.

First ponytail cut's almost gone

He is already changing!!!!

What will be the top pony...

It's gone...all gone...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!  The second pony has been cut.  Sigh...Eli had 2 ponytails cut from his beautiful head...he is the only one who had hair as long as he did and had as much taken off.  So traumatic for this momma! 

He's a big boy now! He's the big 3, the change for him is complete.  After his haircut he went back into his classroom where Dru was and Dru didn't recognize him and he had 2 buddies that when asked about playing with Dru and Eli said that Dru was there (in class) but Eli wasn't there today.  Silly boys!  Not an isolated event.  When I got Lee from the bus he asked me (after about 5 minutes) who that kid was...I made him look again and he couldn't believe that it was Eli!  Then of course Lee couldn't keep his hands off Eli and constantly touching his face and head.  Poor Eli!  I have ran into a few of my friends who didn't recognize Eli either and one of my nephews didn't know the picture he was being show was that of Eli.  So he really did change...I know there are a few people out there who think I'm silly when it comes to cutting their hair but what can I's a big dang deal! And for those of you who couldnt' wait for this day...well you have it now... To those of you who weren't ready...I have NO words..none

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