Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Small Traditions

The day before Thanksgiving my family has a small tradition...mostly it's for Frank and I but the kids play a small part in it. Not to be outdone those kids! Anyway, Frank and I (OK well mostly Frank) likes to drink Eggnog and watch Planes, Trains and Automobiles the night before Thanksgiving.  Ian and Lee have figured out they like Eggnog so this is big for them too.  I don't let them watch the movie (too much swearing for their small, absorbent ears). 

So the chocolate milk is for the 2 little boys are not as keen on Eggnog as their dad and big brothers (and let's be honest here...that has to be the nastiest stuff EVER!) Makes me shiver when I think about it!

Here's the Eggnog!  Now my mom likes this stuff and what she likes to do is mix half Eggnog and then have Coke Cola (just so we are looks as worse as it tastes in my opinion) I have also heard somewhere or someone said they like it with Sprite. GAG!

Ian getting his first taste of Eggnog of the year...he can't get enough!  I'm sure we'll have a bunch for Christmas!

My Lee drinking his share and watching to make sure that Ian doesn't get more than he did...siblings!

 My boys and my fella.  All is right in their world with Eggnog and Chocolate if it were really that simple!!

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