Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy 3 Eli

Well it was bound to happen and it did even if I threw a major fit!  I do mean major...on the floor screaming, yelling, and crying with flailing arms and still came!  UGH!
My baby turned 3...OK well he's not 3 yet here in this post but in 2 days he will be! 

Here is his birthday cake he wanted that Grandma Paulson bought for him (she likes to buy the cakes for the for me!)

"Ickey and Innie Mouse"

Happy Birthday to me!

Opening some gifts...very exciting!

Thank you everyone! He says quite bashfully.

Some family to help celebrate...sorta looks like Grandpa was checking the score of the Huskie game that day...hhhmmmm Grandpa ;)

More family and my dad made it to the party!  Very exciting!  First time my children have EVER had both sets of Grandparents at a function at the same time.  BIG DEAL!  My oldest is almost 10 so it's a big deal, I'm glad he could come.

Grandpa and my boys

Me and my dad with the boys.  Of course Lee made it difficult...*eye rolling* I would like just 1 picture where he can take a decent picture...ONE! Apparently it's too much to ask of an almost 8 year old!
Eli loved having his birthday party and having people come and be all about him.  It couldnt' come fast enough we heard for months it was almost his birthday.  It was hard to tell him not yet...LOL

Happy Birthday Eli!

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