Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Language of The Dru

Do you speak the language of Dru? 

Yeah, me either.  Well I try anyway but I fail every time.  Nothing like having your older kids translate for you when you stand there looking stupid...which is a lot it seems lately.

Alright, so I have to tell a back story to bring us to this morning.  I thought I had blogged about it before but I'll be darned if I can't find it.  So if I did blog about it before, now you get to read it again. 

I believe it was last year when we were at Crescent Bar with my friend Nikki and the first day we were there the pools were closed.  So we had to make do playing in the lagoon of sorts there.  Anyway, we all went down to the water packed to the nines with all our stuff and beach toys.  While there the kids built little moats and discovered while playing in the water that there were minnows in the water.  All the boys wanted as many fish as they could find.  Wouldn't you know it, Dru wanted help to get his fish, they were faster than he was. At some point during all this I took off to take care of something.  While I was gone Dru was talking to his Auntie, he was asking her to catch him some 'doofuses'.  Well as I remember it being told, she asked a few times and thought for awhile what he was saying.  She finally figured out he was asking her to catch him '2 fishes'...'doofuses'.  Sounds really close right?

OK, fast forward to this morning sometime after 7am. As we are eating breakfast Dru announces to me this random comment. 
Dru-"Mom, thank goodness I'm not white" 
Me-"What!?! Thank goodness you're not white???" 
Dru-"No, white" 
Me-....silence....wondering just what the heck he is trying to tell me!  If you've seen Nemo, there is a spot in the movie where there Marlin is being given directions from Squirt.  There is this look on Marlin's face...a blank stare.  Afterwards Marlin yelled, I know he's talking to me but I don't understand what he's saying.  THAT WAS ME THIS MORNING!  What is he trying to tell me!?!?!
Me-"Dru are you saying RIGHT?"
Dru-"Yes!  White!"
Me-"because you are left-handed?"

That was the end of the conversation and he went about his business, leaving me in a daze.  It was TOO early for trying to learn a new language I should already have a fluent grasp on, he's going to be 6 in four months for crying out loud!!!

Thank you Dru for the laughs!!!