Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Paulson Bunnies

So I know I'm super late and all on this post, but we'll have to just go with it.  I think I got some good pictures of my bunnies...I mean boys!

The Easter Bunny however did manage to make a stop at the Paulson household, so in case you guys were sweating it, you can stop.  HA!

 The Easter Bunny left Lee this movie and all sorts of candy, tic tacs, and chocolate bunny and a Lego guys.
 Dru was so excited he got this one...they have been wanting to see it really bad!
 The Bunny must have like Ian too :)
 Eli was ecstatic to get this movie...and I would just like to say that this movie was REALLY cute!  That I LOVE with all my heart that this whole family can sit and laugh hysterically at this movie...my 10 year old laughs so hard he can't catch his breath.  That my husband can still chuckle at things. 
 The hit however in the baskets, was their own box of tic tacs and for Eli the Chocolate filled Cadbury Egg...and might I add that those are, well um...really good!!!
 On our way to church and my boys dress up nice if I don't say so myself!  Ian had a big day that today because he helped out at church with 2 other kids.

Isn't Ian so handsome?  Some girl is going to be so lucky.
 Big boys...and almost too cool for pictures by their mother...or so they would have you believe
 Here is my little heart breaker!  Awww Man!
 Pretty sure I will be beating little girls back from door before too long...he's the one I worry about.  He is my big hearted/tender hearted child. 
 Dru...he's a charmer and a gentleman, that's for sure!  Keep your eye on this one!
 The little boys...although Dru will tell you he's not, and Eli calls the 3 big ones his 'boys', which is funny to hear him say.
 All of them together, I am blessed and I know that God entrusted them to me to raise men of God and respectable men of society and men who have morals.  No small feat that's for sure...daily struggle and I can only pray that I'm not screwing it up...because I'm pretty sure I am!!

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