Monday, May 21, 2012

NW Trek

....and the animals we saw there!

Look at the first animals we saw there! An Ian, Lee and Dru...rare creatures for sure!
                                                      A beautiful Golden Eagle.

                                                 A massive Buffalo...he was eating breakfast.
 Some horned sheep on the hill side
 A picture I just really liked
 A male big horned sheep. Those horns are big up close.
 and of course we can't forget the Canadian Goose!  We did see some goslings...nice and fluffy!
 When Lee caught sight of this guy I think his mouth starting watering...all he saw was MEAT!  However, I have always thought buffalo were some of the coolest animals on our earth.  Just something about them and their history in this world.
 This male Caribou was just lounging about on the road just chillin.  The antlers were just amazing!  Imagine having those things on your head all the time...just screams migraine to me.
 And you would know we went all the way to NW Trek to see bugs...kinda like we go to the zoo to see ducks.  Why do kids always go berserk at those 2 things?  Always cracks me up!
 A badger...every time I see one of these I always think of the movie Fox and The Hound.
 Does he look like a Pokey or Spike?  These guys are always neat to see, porcupines are just cool and they waddle when they walk and their needles make noise when he walks too!
 Barn owls...just cool from that title, right?
 A Bald Eagle...amazing creatures and beautiful to boot!

Well those were just a few of the animals we saw there! It was SO much fun I can hardly wait until we go again...which will be soon!

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