Wednesday, December 26, 2012


OK seriously!!

I have a computer now and I'll be doggoned if I know where to start or what to say or!!!!  Right now I'm just going through pictures and trying to figure out how to get them into folders so I know what month they go in!  And for the record...Windows 8 is a bit ridiculous! I'm not sure I'm going to figure it out...BIG learning curve! 

OK so I have some random flowers and things that I've impressed myself with.  Remember it's all about me! HA!

This one totally looks like an aquarium picture from the a screen saver.
 Love it when they strut around like this!
 My boys!


 A very snobbish, stoic fellow
 Just really like flowers and gardening so I love taking pictures of them. 
Cacti flowers

 OK so there are a few pictures and a small update...I'm hoping to catch up...might all be in reverser or a jumbled order but it's going to happen!  So help me!


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