Friday, December 28, 2012

Getting in the Holiday Spirit

...and in no particular order here are some highlights of my family getting ready for Christmas.  This year was a concerted effort on my part to be better at the holiday spirit know Fake it until you make it!  Anyway, this year we put the tree up almost right after Thanksgiving!  Unheard of I know but why not start there along with putting up all kinds of other things to get in the spirit!  I'm actually pretty proud of myself if I'm being honest.  I also learned a lot more people pay attention to...well I don't know...but like I put my tree up early and people commented on how early it was for me.  My 'normal' has been like the 22cd or so to put the tree up.  Caught me off guard that people were paying attention and a friend of mine said it was because they care about me...touch√©!
Some of these picture are also from the Paulson family Christmas party that they have every year...and every year Santa comes to our party!  Aren't we lucky! I know I don't have everyone sitting with Santa but I had some camera problems and something about a full disk (who knew my disk would hold 2000+ pictures?? I had no idea!) so I have some and not others...guess really it's only Lee...I digress.
We also take pictures around the tree when it's done...enjoy!
Dru and Santa 
                    The boys around the finished tree and yes Lee is smiling a decent smile!

                                                                Eli at the Christmas party

Ian and Santa

                                                               Eli and Santa

Hope everyone had a Great holiday!

(whose ready for school and work to be back in session?  I am after I get back from my girls weekend!)

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  1. Very cute pictures! And cute boys too! :)