Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Things Have Gone To The Dogs!

Hello out there! 
So I have a few moments I'd thought I'd share my crazy dogs with you.  How these dogs managed to get into our lives I have no idea..and how they manage to fit in with the rest of the nut jobs is beyond me!  Charlie here likes to eat my doormat...yup...just out right eat it!  What the heck!?!  Then there is Mighty who insists on eating paint chips!?! 
How does one manage to get pets like this you ask?  I have no idea...all I know is we fly our freak flag HIGH!

Poor Charlie!  He got some ink done to him while I was gone for a few hours...I can only guess at how long Eli had the marker and where he got it from and for how long he was using it.  I won't think about all the other things I think he might have 'colored' on...and do use that word loosely!  Eli is looking at these pictures and he's just so proud of himself.

....and then we have Mighty!  For those of you who don't know a few months back we got a new puppy...this is Mighty Wicket Paulson, he's 8 months old.  Look at what his big brother Charlie showed him to do...precious!  I have no flowers that will grow in that pot...for 2 years I've been waiting...nothing.  I think it's time to give that dream up...

Well that's it for now. Hope all are having a good week.
Happy 12/12/12...I join the masses for one day ;)


  1. Cute little monsters. If you want something to grow in the pot... plant grass. Then at least you can feel accomplished something grew. haha

    1. LOL it's not that I can't get things to grow it's that my damn dogs won't stay out of the pot!