Monday, March 4, 2013

Catching Up

There has been SO much going around here this last week! I'm glad it's over and we are starting a new week because I'm ready!
It was just yesterday I was in the gym filling out Kindergarten paperwork and crying! Now all the sudden they expect me to fill out paperwork for Middle School! I didn't cry while filling it out but there is still time because they have a day where you sign up for classes or walk around for middle's like Middle school round-up! HA!
Ian is really excited and I am really, really nervous! He can't hardly get his act together to be organized and get his homework in spelling/English done correctly! It is honestly stressing me out the whole spelling/English bit! Another rant for another day I suppose.
I really just can't comprehend the fact that my oldest is on his way to Middle School...

Eli is incognito!  You can't see him! Trust. Me.

 You know I do more outings with Eli than I ever did with any of my kids! If you tell the big boys I'll deny it all the way to the funny farm! This kid is spoiled rotten...I have a sneaking suspicion he is aware of that also! Frank had had the weekend off, which included Friday so we went to get ice cream/frozen yogurt with toppings while the big  boys were at school. Honestly though he is really cute it's hard to not spoil him! Anyone else run into that problem with their last child...swore up and down they'd never do stuff like that and then find themselves spoiling the kid rotten, only to wonder years later just where the hell it all went wrong??
I know you might be thinking to yourself what the heck is that, like I do every time I see it.  Well let me tell you...Pokémon make for strange bedfellows!  Back story...Pokémon is a brand of toy that was really big when I was young and it's now come full circle (as a form of torture I believe). Unfortunately for me, all of my boys have cards and other related paraphernalia related to this phenomenon ALL over my house.  As you can tell Eli's stuffed animal (don't ask the name) made it's way into my bed (please ignore the drool stains on my pillow...THAT'S a new scenario for me with braces...and really disturbing that it makes me more like Frank than I'd like to admit out loud Ssshhh!!). I tossed this guy aside for the night only to wake up with him staring eye to eye with me bright and early the next morning! GAH!
Hope everyone had a good week last week!


  1. why is it that 90% of children put their boots on the wrong feet. I mean it feels horrible.

    1. Karina I have no idea!! You'd think it would be so uncomfortable that they'd take the time to switch...and yet they don't.