Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day

Well Mother's Day has come and gone again this year. It has been a hectic month...there is a common theme here in the last few posts about this tired  business.  It's getting old, even for me.
Anywho, today, well rather tonight I am going to blog about Mother's day.  I saw a lot of Facebook posts about how we should all not be selfish about this day, it's not about celebrating me (or you) it's about being thankful that you are a mom to your kids and that you have the privilege of being a mom and spending time with your family  and all that happy...well you finish the rest of the sentence.
I must put forth my opinion here.  First, should we for the most part be thankful for our kids and happy we get to be the mother to some pretty great kid/s? Don't get me wrong, there are many a day and hour where I often wonder just what I got myself into...really I do.  But I never really felt that one day a year I should be thankful for them, but really all the time (as humanly possible).  Secondly, you bet I want Mother's Day about me...I want my kids to slow down and really examine what exactly I do and I want them to think about that. Being taken for granted 364 days of the year is exhausting!  I want this day, I wanna be pampered and I really think it's good for them to think of someone other than themselves.  This part hasn't always worked out for me but in the last year it has become SO important the harder this parenting thing gets!!!  I could use more exclamation points for that sentence but you get the idea.
I really just wanted to pinch those people out there saying that...ugh! I get what they were trying to say but at the same time...totally annoying. The other side to this coin is I absolutely abhor Mother's Day!! I hate shopping for cards for one thing. They never, ever say the right thing and the cards I'm looking for, well suffice it to say , as far as I know there isn't a market for them or I'm looking in the wrong place.  If you want to be recognized as a mother or a mother figure...then you need to recognize the person who's recognizing you (if applicable) as a mother.  It's not one sided, at all.  My annoyance has reached critical mass with this situation.
There is my soap box on Mother's Day, certainly not all rainbows and glitter I know. But honestly, my only request is that at the very least I be made to feel special, no last minute (like that morning) kind of special. 
Last year was a lot of fun and this year was good too.  This year we really couldn't 'go' do anything because of some MOPS stuff and all that hullabaloo. So staying around town and doing something small scale was more our theme this year.  However, the boys did take me to see Iron Man 3...yes you read that right.  Now that was pretty special only for the fact that for all 6 of us to go to a movie is a pretty big, dang deal.  Thank heavens Santa left gift cards to a theater last year, otherwise it wouldn't have happened.  So excitement ensued because not only did we see a movie we got treats THERE! I know right!!!
The movie was alright, I think I went in thinking that it was going to be like Thor and Avengers and Captain wasn't.  I'm not a big Downy Jr. fan either...BUT the movie was funny and I'd watch it again, from home.  And, well all were together doing something super special.
On top of that the big boys all made gifts for me and Frank took Eli out shopping for one.  Things could have gone bad if everyone else had a gift to give and he didn't.  So off they went doing manly things.  I absolutely LOVE the gift he gave me with all my heart! One year Lee wanted to get  me Aqua Globe or something or other.  You know the contraption you stick in your plants so they stay watered all the time?
I asked Frank to take pictures for me and he did. Thanks Frank!
The boys and the gifts
 Eli was adamant I open his gift FIRST! So I am :)
 Still unwrapping...lots of tissue paper!
 The gift...Angry birds wind chime.  BEST.GIVE.EVER!
 Dru was next, he made a book called 'If You Give A Mom A Muffin', very funny and cute and there was a chocolate muffin to go with it.  He also gave me a lot of saved up school work as gifts too, at one point I was thinking to myself  "he's stretching this a little too far..."

Lee gave me a cut out flower on a stand with his picture on it, I can't believe how much he's grown since school started.  When I see things like that it's a slap at how fast they grow up, one more reminder!  Ian made a little picture of a teapot and had some tea inside of it and he made me a cup of hot tea.  They all also made breakfast for me.  Frank is SO god with them in the kitchen (I wish I could be more like him)...Ian and Eli made waffles, Lee cooked the eggs and Dru cooked the sausage for me. And by all accounts, they really did cook it all themselves with supervision from Dad.  It was a delightful breakfast!  Way to go fellas!

It was a good Mother's day and I felt special which was all I asked for.  Thank you Frank, Ian, Lee, Dru and Eli!


  1. Your little family did great!!!! I'm proud of you for embracing it.

  2. It looks like you had a great day! I love it. Happy Mother's Day my friend!