Saturday, May 4, 2013

First Communion

The Paulson's were on an important VIP list earlier this May. 
We were invited to this young lady's First Communion.  I have known her since she was sparkle in her parents eyes!  I get the privilege of being an honorary Auntie, which I love being!  Frank and I went to college with her parents and have know each other for a long time, and gone through many a thing. They are an Aunt and Uncle to my boys and they take us for what we are, loud and boisterous bundled mess. Thank GOD for friends like them! On top of that they like us AND they like my kids...for the most part! ;)
We had so much fun being a part of this big event in her life and I wanted pictures! So here are my pictures!
All the kids
And that little boy in the plaid, that's my little man..he wants to marry me someday. I'm his Auntie Ni-Ni.
These kids have known each other since they were born and both sets of parents have a suspicion that Zoe and Lee will be married.  They butt heads SO much right now that someday we think it might be different.  That could be say the least!

Me and the little miss!
I can't believe how big she's getting! I remember when she was born, held her in my arms!
Who said any of these kids were allowed to get big and grow up?
       I love these pictures! I am so glad she remembered us and wanted us to be there and share on her big and important day! 

On a side note, all the boys were good during a 2 hour ceremony where 55 kids and their family participated with their child or family member in taking communion.  It was really kind of a neat thing to see.

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