Thursday, May 30, 2013


What a day people! Seriously!  It's funny now but it was unimpressive at the time!

About 2 weeks ago we had to get the passenger side window fixed on my car.  The pulley or regulator or whatever makes my window go up and down broke...flat out broke!  We were not planning on this (because who really does right?), $300+ later to fix this we are good to go.  Flash forward to last Thursday and something else breaks on my car.  This time it is my emergency break lever.  I always set my emergency break...always.  Why I don't know, could be a tic?  Either way, I was taking some kids to school and on our way out of the drive way I popped the brake and something snapped or felt like it.  Upon further inspection the brake didn't work right, well really it didn't work at all.  So in my infinite wisdom I said to myself  " NOT set the brake!" .  I did pretty good , up until I stopped at the school and set the friggin break!

You have got to be kidding me!  I'll admit it, I panicked...I was STUCK AT SCHOOL!! People, that's like 200+ little people in ONE spot...get me O-U-T!  On top of that, I couldn't figure out how to get home if the brake was on!  I had a camping trip I had to leave for that day too!  So I called my FIL in a panic but while talking to him I figured it out and found the latch to pop the brake!  WHEW!

And no we are on to today, apparently my talk to myself didn't work well because at some point yesterday I set the brake.  *eye roll*

I didn't realize this until I had gotten in the car and go the car going and put it in reverse and we weren't going any where.  What the heck? Why are we not moving??  Ahhh! Brake is on... CRAP!

My arm is not long enough to sit in the driver seat and pop the brake, so I get out of the car and find the thing and pop the brake.  Guess what?  You figured it out yet? NO?  Yeah neither did it...until the car started moving in REVERSE with out me!!! I panicked yet again and slammed the emergency brake on.  Seemed appropriate.  Somehow between the car rolling down my drive way and me slamming the brake on with my hand, I hurt my hand.  I bruised it somehow and it aches.  All the while I'm doing all this Eli is in his car seat, buckled and laughing!

What is with kids and them acting the wrong way in different situations! He should have been scared, but he was laughing!  What a goob! 

Anyway, I finally got the car stopped and I put the car in park, popped the brake...again...and got back in the car.  Sat in the seat hyperventilating, all the while Eli is laughing and saying mom that was so funny!  Really?? I swung back and looked at him and said no it wasn't, that was scary and I'm not OK and you should be scared because you could have gotten hurt!  He appropriately was sorry.

After that the whole time I'm trying to get my act together and pull me together, the lines from the Disney movie, Emperors New Groove were running through my head.

  "Puulll the lever Kronk! "

     "Wrong lever Kronk!"

     "Why do we have that lever?"

Yup that's me today.

On top of that, I pulled my bread maker out and it's a heavy one and of course the hand I hurt with the lever, gave way and the whole darn thing dropped!! Waaaaa!  Thankfully I could repair it...with my purple duct tape!  It ain't pretty people but it's together and most importantly it works.  If nothing else I need it to get through this weekend, we are making homemade pizza. I need it to make dough! Actually I need it to last until I can research and afford another one.  My last bread maker from my mom, walked it's self off the counter Christmas day 2 years ago! 


Well I hope you had a good chuckle, because it is pretty funny all in all. 


*No one was hurt in the making of this fiasco....NOT!