Wednesday, July 3, 2013


This is from our camping trip this Memorial weekend.  Eli went fishing for the first time this year and he caught something.  When asked what he caught this is what he said:
Eli: "This is Batman.  He is a coconut (what he caught was a Kokanee salmon)
I about died laughing it was so cute! By the end of the trip though he had caught on to the fact he'd been saying coconut and not Kokanee.  I hate it when that happens! 
However, he didn't stop calling his fish Batman.  He was all about smoking Batman and giving a small piece to each of our dogs...he wanted to share.  They were thrilled, that kid is always looking out for them!

**FYI I have no idea if I'm spelling the name of that type of salmon's a fresh water salmon if I remember correctly.**

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