Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Well I'm still trying to play catch up with my blog, seems to be pretty standard these days much to my annoyance.  However I guess that means I have a life? I hope?
Earlier in June (seeing as how we are now in July, can you please tell me how that happened?) my friend Nikki and her brood (OK well a 1/3 of her brood) came and stayed with us for the weekend.  We planned on going to the zoo (love my passes!) and visit with each other. 
As always we have a good time together and our kids manage to create chaos in no time flat.  Now if they could put that much energy into something more productive that would be something for the ages! 
Off to the zoo we go, 2 moms and 6 boys ranging from 14 to 4..., let the show begin!!
We had much to see as the zoo has a new sting ray exhibit they just opened and a new baby tiger, Kali.  I was also hoping to get a sneak peek at the new baby snow leopard too but no such luck on that one.  Actually we were pretty lucky to have seen the tiger cub, Kali.
That is Kali below and I managed to get that picture WITH OUT the 'nanny' or zookeeper there. I have to tell you it was really hard to get a decent one with the keeper constantly holding her.  On a side note, they(keepers) don't really care if you are taking pictures either, because they don't try and get out of the way. 
 Ian, our friend, and Lee

Dru, Eli, Nikki, and her son.  We are waiting for the show to begin at the Outdoor theater.  I like watching this show and I LOVE how they incorporate different animals in their show.

Dr. Do-Nothing
                                                              Captain Adventure
                Wonder-Dog!!!! We all think this looks like Snoopy going after the Red Baron

One of our fave places to go is to see the animals that live in the water and we LOVE watching ET!  How can such a massive creature seem to fly in the water? 

These guys crack me up! I forget their names but they waddle when they walk and they get to these cliffs in their exhibit and then it takes them forever to decide if they are going to jump or not into the water...OR they just sleep.

Musk Ox...I want to take a comb to these animals!!!! On top of the hair issue they stink! 
 Red Wolf, I love taking pictures of these guys because when they cooperate I can usually get a decent one.  I managed to get this one before he set off pacing in at the door to go in or get dinner.
It has been really fun having my friend and her kids up, probably a nice change for her to being as we always went to her house.  Why it didn't dawn on me until a year or so ago to have them here I don't know! Special aren't I?
Anyway, we are looking forward to seeing each other again next week and going hiking and letter boxing with 6 boys.  Trying to get them all on the same page and engaged in what we are doing will be no small feat that's for sure! 
Thank goodness we are the Momma's and they are the Little's!!!

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