Monday, July 15, 2013


Not that I've been lax in my postings...OK well I have but it's summer people give me a break! Why do I think every summer things will slow down and I'll just have more time in general?  I never do, well at least not since they've gotten older anyway.  I tried to remember back when they were super little and it seemed a more laid back time.  Funny though what I fail to remember until later is the fact that they were little toddlers and all that having toddlers entails.  No wonder I feel like I'm busy all the time. The kids are no longer toddlers and in theory that is easier...when in reality it's not easier it's just different.  Yes people there is a can you tell me that raising kids is different when every waking moment they constantly have you questioning your own sanity??  Tell me!
Well onto this post.  I don't think I've posted yet about Ian's promotion from 5th grade to Middle school.  On a quick side note, if they continue to have these 'promotions' will their high school or college graduations mean much to them or will they just shrug it off and go whatever?  Just wondering.
Anyway, they have a little ceremony at the school and it's very sweet and yes I cried, BUT only after a friend of mine started crying and looked back at me.  It was 0-V-E-R!  The kids brought a single rose to a parent...most took to their moms, of course!  It was all exciting for the whole family.  The little boys got to be a part of something exciting and something their big brother was a part of.  We all got to sniff back the tears for awhile and wonder at the memories flowing by asking where exactly did the time go with our babies?
Silly boys!!
                                                         Frank and Ian
 A special picture with the Greats, it's so nice to be able to come and share with us.
 Grandparents too!  Wasn't it yesterday Grandma was showing me how to bath him in her sink??
                                                          Principal Beals and Ian.
                                                  Ian's 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Henderson.
All in all it was a good night and special for Ian.  He has a special diploma and got a gift certificate to a Fro-Yo place and a whole new outfit!  Score! 
Well and of course school is out for the summer!

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