Thursday, August 22, 2013

Big and Little

When I took this picture I didn't see what I just focused on going through my pictures. 
Eli his holding fast to his cousin's ...
It melted my heart...I love little hands and miss them terribly! Eli's hands are not so little anymore
The bigger hand I can't believe is so was just yesterday he was little and I was holding a day or two after he was born.  He's growing into a man and these are what my baby's hands will be...

I know I've said this before and many moms have said it before me and also reminded me...but with out fail, time has continued to  move on, and in snatches of moments (seconds really, right?)  like this, it  shows me just how quickly it does move. 

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  1. They were so sweet! They do have their moments... little buggers.