Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Too Far Away

I got to see my nephew Samuel a few weeks ago...I miss that family!  They live too far away!
BUT...we are working on making sure we at least Skype so that he gets to know us and his cousins better! That is SO important to me!  I also want to be able to have him be comfortable enough (and his parents) to have him come stay for awhile at my house during the summer, it's a dream/goal of mine.
So at this picnic all the boys played...I think Samuel thought they were pretty funny to watch and hang around.  And if we are being honest the lot of them are all funny looking in their own familiar way!

I love the continuous snapshots of all the boys together....Samuel in these pictures just cracks me up and makes me smile! (that and it's REALLY crazy to see how much Samuel looks like his dad did at that age...talk about a trip back in time!).

                                   Love this picture of Lee with Samuel...one of my faves!
And a must have for me, my picture taken with Samuel!  Love that boy...all he has to do is ask for the moon and I'm in trouble!

Here's to next summer and the possibilities it holds!


  1. He loves his auntie! I love how accommodating he is with you. He's a cutie!

    1. Don't you think he looks SO much like David did at that age??