Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Special Visit

In July we had some very special people come to WA for a visit...not just with us but with several friends, we happen to make the list! Well and considering we missed them the last time they were up. 
My friend moved, well gosh I want to say 3-4 years ago?? Too long how about that!  However, I will say that are doing well and making all kinds of friends and being social and fitting in so I'm very happy for them and glad everything has fallen into place for them and the family.  I just tend to have a selfish side and miss my friend dearly.  I love writing her and sending her fun cards...writing is such a lost art!
Anyway, we got to see them after the 4th of July...well really we ran into them at the town parade!  It was such a surprise...they were standing by the rest of my family and there she was!  Oh I got teary-eyed and pulled myself together of sorts but it was so fun!
The next day we met at a park and the kids played together, it was interesting to see them try and figure things out after so long, mostly Lee and his friend.  They have missed each other and they really are like-minded boys.  It was good to see them reconnect, when it was time to go it was hard to say good-bye (I wish Lee was a writer, they could be pen pals!)
Here Ian and my friend's daughter...they are the same age.  These 2 went to preschool together, I absolutely love being able to say that!  I moved so much as a kid I could never say that...the longest I stayed anywhere was High school, and by then everyone already knows everyone so trying to fit in and make friends while being the outsider was/is tough!  Oi!
 My friend's son...her kids really missed this park and were so happy to be back here.  It's funny what the kids remember and have memories from.  But I have to say I have a few park memories I'm fond of...however they are in different states so what are you gonna do?
 I adore this picture of Dru...he's getting SO grown up!
 Group shot of the kids, I had an extra that day but they all knew each other from school and town events.
 My friend and I (I wish I had gotten a clearer picture but since one of the boys took it I take what I have ).  I am so thankful I was able to see her after so long!  It did my heart good!  Someday I'd like to go visit her, well and about a handful of other people too...the list is so long!  Thank you friend for making the time to see me!  I miss you bunches already and have been thinking of you!

Thank you Lord for that gift you gave me!

*Also I had to laugh at my own kid photo bombing my picture...his Minion shirt totally looks like a creepy person peering into our picture!


  1. Everyone looks so good! You are going to have to try to go there.