Monday, November 4, 2013


Nothing much here today but when I was at the Pumpkin patch these little things struck my fancy.
I love the texture on this pumpkin.

 I do love the Mums and they are such a hardy plant!
 The little pumpkins for the kids on field trips to take...what a prize!
 I just love the stem on this one!
 I think white pumpkins are becoming the new thing more and more...they are kind a cool I must say.
 The texture and color on these were what caught my eye.
 I wish I was creative enough and had the means to be creative enough like this for my house!  Love this pot!

Have a great night/day!


  1. I wonder how the bumpy pumpkins taste. Do you know if you can eat them?

    1. You know I have no idea! Now I'm gonna have to ask, lol! I would think so but????