Friday, November 1, 2013

Romantic and Other Things....

Today...was a very lovely day...actually I don't know that but I'm pretty sure that is a line or something from a song....

Friday is early release day in our town...which is a joke...personally the fact teachers need a day for bouncing ideas off each other seems that on your own time and quit taking time away from my kids and their education...but that's a conversation for another time and day.

Today, Frank came home early from work and we hung out for a bit before someone had to get Eli...and by someone that was Frank.  Something about having their dad come get them at school gets them all but vibrating. 

Today Frank just said the most romantic thing to me, and if anyone knows Frank or guys at all...he just isn't romantic...much anyway.

Frank told me today that he wanted me to take that extra hour we are going to get on Sunday and sleep...that he would move time for me.  Super romantic right???

Go ahead...laugh hysterically...we did.  We had a good chuckle

The other funny thing that happened was tonight after dinner, I was talking to the boys about if they wanted to write a letter they should do it tomorrow since we were going to the Post Office to mail a bunch of letters.  So I was telling them all the people they could write too and I mentioned I was writing to a cousin who is in Hungary for a year.  Lee just looked at me and said where or what is that.  I said it was a country ...he said he knew that but were people in that country Hungrier? 

Really, do you see the people I live with???

The other day Eli had his Wolverine costume on and came running out and hollered at the top of his lungs to Dru...he had muscles and he KNEW how to use them!!

Where do these men/boys come up with this stuff!?!?

* to bed for me I just had to share my head shaking moments with you all!*



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    1. I think at this point it's the best I'm gonna get...LOL but yes it's love in it's many forms :)