Monday, January 17, 2011

Chef Lee Paulson

One of the things Lee asked for Christmas was an Easy Bake Oven. I think he liked the idea of it and I think a big part of it he asked for it to see what people would do. Most would associate this kind of thing with a girl and really they don't make a boyish looking oven. I believe he had pink or green to pick from. Anyway, I think he kept asking for it to see if someone would tell him know that's a girl type toy or whatever, but no one did.

To be truthful, the moment my mother heard he wanted this she was all over it. She wanted one as a kid and didn't get one, so by golly her grandson was going to get one! Living vicariously through her grandson...she asked him if he might want more baking things for the oven and he said he did want them for his birthday. I see more baking in our future. So there is the finished product. One yellow cake with chocolate tasted alright I suppose. About what I expected from a little light bulb oven. He and his brothers however were over the moon! I want to be that little again and be tickled over little things like that!

*PS: I can't believe that child of mine will be 7 on Wednesday!! Where have the last 7 years gone??


  1. Liam who is 5 in a couple of weeks would LOVE THAT :)

  2. Lee really liked it and I made him read the directions, so that was nice!

  3. Heather says she really wanted an easy bake oven and never got one either!

  4. Mom is getting him more stuff to cook...should be fun!