Sunday, January 16, 2011

Connect The Dots

So the other day I had Ian sit down and watch the memorial service in Tuscon, AZ. I thought this was important for a few reason and others I don't really know why. A few reasons were that our President was going to speak and I thought what he had to say in this instance (since he was steering clear of making it political) was important to hear. Secondly, there was a young girl Ian's age who was killed and being that Ian is almost nine...for some reason I thought this significant. Probably cause it affected me more than probably him. Anyway, I made him sit down and watch at least Obama's speech, which was very nice. Although I was highly disturbed by all the applauding and standing ovations during a memorial service. Ian lasted a little bit through the speech and then took off. He's asked several questions about the tragedy in Tuscon...but being that he's a boy I was slightly taken aback by the question of what kind of gun did the gunman use? Why this was important to him I don't know, other than I know he's very interested in guns (Christmas Story runs through my head ALL the time). So I told him and we went about our business.

Fastfoward to today and after coming back from a birthday party for Grandpa Lee, Frank stopped at the gas station to get a cigar. So while his dad was in the station getting is vice, Ian piped up and said "Mom, someday I'm going to run for President. I said OH? He said yes, so that someday I can make it illegal to smoke. I said OK, that works for me." A few minutes later he asked me something again, and this is where sometimes I wonder how little kid brains work and how they connect the dots to things. I'm still thinking about it. Ian asked me if the person who killed all those people in Tuscon smoked cigarettes or smoked cigars. Because in his head that's what made the guy kill all those people. I'll have you know at this point is when his dad got in the car and only heard part of the conversation and looked at me quite defensively it seemed. Like what was I telling his child about his vice...makes people do crazy things...ha! Anyway, retold to Frank everything I said here and then told Ian no it was cigarettes or cigars and no I don't know if he smoked, he just had a different opinion and didn't quite know what to do with it.

I just found it very curious how he connected two things and thought they went together...


  1. My Daniel was very fascinated with guns when he was little and took a safety course I think when he was about 10. But he hates guns now and is a vegetarian but his wife smokes and he hates that!! connect those dots :)

  2. I know, we've told Ian if he EVER wants to do ANYTHING with guns he HAS to take a safety course...guns are fine as long as you know how to operate and all the safety stuff... As for dots...somehow the older I get the more I'm understanding that the dots don't always connect...they are just there...doing what I don't know!