Thursday, January 6, 2011

Do Over

I don't feel like posting much tonight...I'm in a mood.

I'm going to say this and in by no means do I think my life is horrible, but there are some days it's just not worth getting up because then I might not have to feel anything. And that does just sound wonderful right now.

On Wednesday my grandfather passed away and that whole situation is what it is...nothing bad mind you, whatever...I know and that's what matters...go with it ;)

The last 2 days along with my grandfather, I have been praying for another family and a little boy who lost his life today. He was Dru's age and so it hits home just a tad hard. It happened all so quickly. So pray for this family, especially the mom, it was just her and her son...She and the rest of the family have a long road ahead of them. It's been rough here in my town the last few months with kids and many more stories and lives lost and lives changed forever.

I think that says it right there...lives changed forever and ever.

I would like a do over on the new year please, as I'm sure everyone else would also.

Lord hear our prayer!

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