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On my 33rd year of life....this is what I woke up to this fine morning! What a sight to behold! Not to mention the wonderful weather we had today! Today I told myself I didn't have to do anything I didn't really want to do. So I read on my Nook for 2 hours (I will finish that 3,000+ page book if it's the last thing I do!) and then I worked out and got ready for the latter half of my day. On my way out to take Dru to school I saw this...I couldn't believe it! It almost made me thought Spring was around the corner...along with the awesome, sunny we had going today! January is such a droll month as it is but to have sunshine! I had to wear my sunglasses! We are mole people I tell ya and we all probably support the sunglasses companies more than most. As I was driving home from the SuperMall, I saw this. I just thought this was so cool! Like we were being invaded!!!
For my birthday I decided I would try and go out and go shopping and spend all my birthday money. So to the Supermall I went (had to exchange some things) and I went to Bath and Body Works and bought a smelly something or other. Smells wonderful by the way...Pomegranate Lemonade! Anyway, after that we headed to Target...I had/have some gift cards for there. Target was good and I had so many things to look at...they either didn't have what I wanted (special kind of tweezers), or I couldn't tell how dorky I looked in the pair of shoes I wanted (so I gave up and put them back), OR Eli started having a break down. And let me just say (for those of you who KNOW me) I even had a cute little dress in my cart to try on!!! Thanks Eli!! So I put most of my cart away and walked away with one movie, 2 work out DVDs, hand weights, a Coke Slushie (Eli took most of that, thanks!), and a candy bar(which if you have kids, they make it hard to eat candy in front of them cause they think they are entitled or something). Sigh...I failed miserably today spending money! So, instead I just might go get my hair chopped off and dye it blonde!
Eli had my candy bar...made me share it with him...booger!
I didn't have to make dinner tonight! WOOHOOO! This was truly a feast fit for a Queen and her jesters. Ian and Lee are toasting to my health...or to some plot they have agreed to put into choose. Eli in his words when asked to say cheese : " I not, not know?", and then there is the token cute kid, Dru. Kid is just darn lucky he's cute...or else...
And on another note, has anyone figured out what the secret is in Chinese food is? Why is it you can pile your plate full of that food and be stuffed beyond recognition and be literally starving half an hour later?? I mean like your stomach is caving in on itself you are so hungry? And here I am, the birthday girl! Thirty-three years of age (and on a weird note...33lbs less than last year), I had a great day with wonderful weather! Frank bought dinner for me tonight and when my parents come this weekend he's buying me a birthday pie. I know you are thinking a pie, but this place makes pies that are too die for! And we just had cake at Lee's party so, I'm done with cake!

To top of my day, which lets face it, no day of mine isn't finished unless something stupid happens. Well, stupid really isn't what I'd use, but whatever. I managed between taking money out of the bank and getting in the car, to drop my bank card. Only to realize as I was at a clothing store that my card was missing! Turns out (thankfully, after I shut it down) that someone in the bank parking lot found it and brought it in. Good grief! One day! One day is all that I ask for to not have to worry about something!


  1. Happy Birthday my beautiful skinny friend! I love you!

  2. I did that with my bank card once the day before leaving on vacation! Didn't know till we got home that it had been turned in so by then everything had been changed. I think I had it in my pocket :) I don't carry a purse and have a habit of stuffing my pockets.. yeah that;s dumb. :)


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