Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bunk Beds

So about 2 weeks ago Frank and I decided we needed to make a change to the Littles' room.  They needed more room for their stuff and the only way we saw that would do that would be to get them bunk beds.  Now I'm not a fan of bunk beds, I personally really hate the idea of them...really they just make me nervous as hell!  BUT they do exactly what is have a bed and they have more room.  Mission accomplished!  We got a great price on them and the boys are happy clams, and they went together fairly quickly and well.

 Here Eli is in his new mattress and he got (well so did everyone else) got new bedding...can you see him?  Look real's camouflage so it could be difficult...well according to Eli it is.  He's so funny!
 Dru gets the top bunk and he is THRILLED!  He's so big you know!
 Dru was was 'helping' his dad...the bed couldn't get up fast enough for this kid!
Again...just cause he's so cute...if I keep this up it's going to go to his head and create a monster! 

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